Yakjut Kasheer- Akh ti Akh Gai Kah is an initiative which aims at promoting corporation between the existing NGOs of the Kashmir Valley, in order to streamline their work and provide timely and coordinated help to the people in distress. Kindly fill in your details or the details of someone else in distress. We will reach out to you as soon as possible. Once the details have been registered with us, the neighbourhood NGO will get in touch with you. Thank You.
Please note: All the information provided to the Platform will be confidential and it will be ensured that help is provided in a confidential manner by the Partner NGOs. If any information is filed on behalf of someone in need, kindly ensure that authorisation has been given by such person to the person filing the information.
Disclaimer: Yakjut Kasheer-Akh ti Akh Gai Kah, is a not for profit platform, which has been developed with a view to coordinate the efforts of the NGOs in the Valley and runs as a collaborative platform between the NGOs and has no similarity, relation or interest whatsoever with any online page, online business, social media group or organisation whatsoever.

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DocOnCall(Consult Doctor On Phone)

A Joint initiative by NGO's of Kashmir

About the initiative

Yakjut Kasheer platform is collaboration of NGO across Kashmir to ensure we reach out to needy quickly, and best possible way, this platform while keeping all the information private yet ensures right Local NGO reaches out to the needy in quickest time.

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